Trunks X Wrinkle Collaboration

“How could I look my grandchildren in the eye and say I knew what was happening to the world and I did nothing” 

Sir David Attenborough

Elephants and rhinos are critically endangered all over the world. If immediate action is not taken, these incredible animals will become extinct in our lifetime — even in the next decade. This quote from our imaginary grandfather, Sir David Attenborough, along with the very real thought of losing elephants and rhinos, is what drove Trunks for Trunks and Wrinkle Apparel to act. 

To us, it seems unfathomable that one day we might have to explain to our children (note children. Not grandchildren — children) what elephants and rhinos were.They will only read about them in textbooks and at museums, the way we read about mammoths and dinosaurs. Sit with that thought for a second, not as a ‘what if’… but as a reality. 

This reality is what brought Wrinkle Apparel and Trunks for Trunks together to create the ‘Save the Greys’ collection. 

We’re Adam and Sal and we’ve been mates for years. After one too many BBQs, parties and weddings ending in passionate discussions on climate change, fast fashion and the complexities involved in the demise of animal species, we thought it's about time we combine our powers for good! 

Founder of Wrinkle Apparel Adam is the creative genius behind the collab. He is adventurous, clever and has an amazing eye for detail, and since returning to his country of birth Botswana in 2019, he has had a huge soft spot for rhinos. Adam designed all the creative for the ‘Save the Greys’ campaign, including the designs on our loungewear, teaching himself photography, Photoshop and web design throughout this process. 

Founder of Trunks for Trunks, Sal is the logistics queen who thrives on organisation and brings the marketing flare (and snacks) to bring our campaign to life. Since a volunteer trip to Thailand in 2009, Sal has been hopelessly devoted to elephants and has traveled overseas multiple times to connect with and support elephant sanctuaries all over South East Asia and Indonesia. 

Together we have developed a range of sustainable and ethically produced loungewear. This collection of loungewear is dedicated to the amazing creatures we call ‘The Greys’. Our hope is that we can not only raise crucial funds for our charity partners to help support their work but also inspire others to act and help us change the destiny of elephants and rhinos. This collection is for each and every one of the brave rangers, charity organisations, conservation parks, educators, and everyone in between who is helping to keep these amazing animals alive. They sacrifice their lives because they understand the importance of protecting these gentle, intelligent animals. As long as these people exist, we will never give up hope. But they desperately need our help. 

We will be donating 100% of our profit to two incredible organisations who are playing critical roles in the survival of elephants and rhinos: Barumun Nagari Wildlife Sanctuary in Indonesia and Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya. Buying a set of Save the Greys loungewear won’t just keep you cosy and warm this winter — it will give endangered animals a chance to survive and thrive.

Real talk — the problems that threaten the greys are complex and layered: deforestation, tourism trade, wildlife trading and poaching are all big scary issues that need to be addressed with the support of governments and local people. It sounds impossible, but there are incredible people out there already doing the work!! We just need to get on board and support them however we can. And the more people like you who choose ethical garments with a purpose, the better the future gets for the greys! 

Shop the ‘Save The Greys’ collection here.